What is employee benefits? Obamacare? ACA or Affordable Care Act?  PPACA- the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act?

Need health insurance plans? What Tax Credit? Need dental insurance? Private health insurance? Health care insurance? Any health insurance?

Individual/Family Health Insurance

Employers-see below!!

2018 Open Enrollment Period started 1st November, 2017 and ended- 12/15/2017– Yes they shortened it!!


If you  are checking for a new health insurance plan and if you are entitled to a possible Tax Credit- to pay for part of the premium , you may also be qualified to get cost sharing payments to help pay for some of those co-payments we all have to make to see the doctor, get an xray, etc. BUT only now if you are entitled to a Special Enrollment Period – at any time if you:-  


      adopted a child,

            had a new baby,

                got married/divorced ,

                  lost  your insurance,  

                     renewing an existing health plan,

                         etc.etc!!- We can show you how.

                          ALL at no cost to you!!   

Take your opportunity using the Tax Credit calculator on this Web page to see what Tax Credit and cost payments you might be entitled to!


We offer a full range of insurance services for individuals, families ,the self employed (and if you do not have a Tax Credit)


employee benefits for all sizes of employer groups,  including:

  • HMO, PPO, HSA and limited benefit Health plans including Affordable Care Act plans
  • Dental & Vision
  • Life
  • Cover with faithbased organizations
  • Hospital and Physician Indemnity
  • Accident
  • Long & Short term disability
  • GAP plans to cover those high deductibles
  • Critical Illness
  • Retirement
  • Key Employee
  • Paycheck Protection
  • Business Ownership Protection
  • Pension / Annuity
  • Travel for both US and noncitizens-worldwide
  • Find out more…

EMPLOYERS!- you can  get a Tax Credit for your employee’s health insurance premium contributions!!– let us show you how!!

ALL AT NO COST TO YOU!! Check your Employer Tax Credit level here- Find out more:

For detailed ACA information: Eric’s blog

PEO/ASO Services- Eric Walters PEO Consultant.

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What is payroll? What are employee benefits? No WC insurance? Need payroll calculator? Need to pay taxes -on time?

  • Employer outsourcing for payroll, WC and employee benefits. -Get rid of those expensive and non revenue activities
  • WC insurance at substantial savings and NO DEPOSITS!
  • Full range of employee benefits at competitive pricing enabling smaller employers to compete with the large employer group’s employee benefit programs and costs.
  • Similar programs for the self employed or the smaller employer with up to 2-10 or more employees.
  • Don’t forget about your Tax Credit savings on your employee health insurance contributions!
  • We review your current programs, show you the savings and how we can save you time, effort & money!
  • Find out more…

Our Mission

As independent consultants we serve only YOU our clients in selecting those companies which present the best value, meet the highest standards of ethics and provide exceptional levels of service – to meet your particular requirements.

Client confidentiality is absolutely assured at all times


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