What is a PEO? What is payroll? What is employee benefits? Need a payroll calculator? Paid salary?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides outsourcing for administrative functions including payroll, WC and employee benefits to client companies through the use of a co-employment relationship.

We usually are able to reduce WC costs by 30- 40% and also provide a wide range of health insurance plans generally more attractive and cheaper than you have now!

Let Us Show You How

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Available to all types of employers -PEOs provide a wide spectrum of services

  • WC insurance – With No Deposits
  • A wide variety of health insurance plans – HMO, PPO, POS, HSA, HRA, short term, etc.
  • Dental and Vision insurance plans
  • Group and customized 401K savings plans
  • Short and Long term Disability
  • Aflac
  • 529 College Savings Plans
  • 125 Cafeteria Plan and Flexible Spending Account
  • Drug/Alcohol testing
  • Osha Compliance Advisement
  • Workplace Safety Evaluation and Training
  • Employee handbooks
  • Direct Deposit to employee’s bank accounts
  • Employee Staffing Services
  • Guaranteed payrolls
  • E-Verify
  • EPLI – Employer Practice Liability Insurance
  • Time and Attendance programs for off site / out of office – clock in / clock out, etc


What is an ASO?

An ASO offers the same Payroll, WC insurance and Employee Benefits as a PEO but under the Employers Federal Tax ID Number with no co-employer relationship
Payroll only,
WC Insurance only
Employee Benefits only OR any combination!


Client Information

Contact Name Company
City State
Zip Phone
Fax Email
Manager(s) Business Owner(s)
Payroll Handled By Operating Since
# of Employees # of Employees by State
Other Locations
Federal Tax ID (FEIN) Anticipated Start Date
Workers Comp Insurer Experience Modification (Emod)

Payroll/WC Insurance

Current Payroll Processor
Concerns w/ Current Provider
Number of W2s Last Year Job Costing
Drug Free Work Place Policy
WC Code Current WC Rate
#EEs Gross Annual Pay

Insurance (Copy of Current Plans)

Health Insurance
Insurance Company Administrator
Contrib EE% ER%
Insurance Company Administrator
Contrib EE% ER%
AFLAC/Supp Insurance
Insurance Company Administrator
Contrib EE% ER%
Group Life Insurance Company
Sec125/Cafeteria Plan Insurance Company
401(k) Cost of Plan
[select 401K "Yes" "No"] [text 401KCostOfPlan]
Insurance Company Match
[text 401KInsuranceCompany] [text 401KMatch]
Owners Liability Insurance Insurance Company
Do you have EPLI (Employment Practice Liability Insurance)(-Protection from Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination, etc) Insurance Company

Human Resource

Who does your COBRA # Currently on COBRA
Employee Handbook Do you provide training or information on sexual harassment
Aditional Notes/Goals
Please enter the text below
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